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Upravljanje otpadom

Waste management

We offer consulting services and assist in meeting the legal obligations in the establishment of an effective system of waste management, with the possibility of organizing the collection, transportation ADR vehicles and final disposal in an environmentally and sustainable way.

ADR/RID savetnik

ADR/RID advisor

Engagement Advisor for security in the transport of dangerous goods are able to save on transportation costs, to quickly provide the necessary transport documents, and that the influence that the risks that arise when working with hazardous materials to a minimum.

Savetnik za hemikalije

Chemical Advisor

Advisor for chemicals helps to align its operations with the legislation, represents your interests in inspections and prepares statutory documents so that you can devote to developing your business.


Consulting services

During our operation we strive to meet our clients and provide them the highest quality service.

We are able to provide you with a wide range of services in the following areas:

  • Waste management and environmental protection
  • Safety in the transport of dangerous goods by road and rail traffic
  • Management of chemicals and biocide products

With our work we enable you to fully focus on your primary activities.

We are proud to point out that a team of our company consists of PhDs, lawyers, licensed counselors for chemicals, waste management consultants and advisors for safety in the transport of dangerous goods by road and rail.

With this service we can offer customized services and industrial cleaning, as well as waste collection, transportation by ADR vehicles and final disposal of waste environmentally and sustainably.


U.S. Steel Serbia

Higia Ltd. is reliable and efficient business partner that has demonstrated its consistency, thoroughness, focus, organization and business stability that is based on high technology, well-established procedures and expertise.

- Miroslav Gladović,
Head of OS and IH - U.S. Steel Serbia

Company Higia Ltd. proved to be a stable business partner who knew how to deal with every kind of task we have in front of them set up.

- Zoran Jovičić,
CEO and Chairman of the Board - Mitas
Alymil YU Industry

All expectations are totally booked for the planned job and deadlines for implementation.

- Dragan Relić,
HR manager - Alumil YU Industry a.d.