Chemical advisor

Consulting in the field of chemicals and biocidal products

Who is the advisor for chemicals?

Advisor for chemicals is a person with appropriate qualifications, which has the appropriate knowledge necessary for the proper implementation of the Law on chemicals and Law on biocides and regulations based on them, which has passed the appropriate training, passed the professional exam and has a license Advisor chemicals

Who must have an advisor for chemicals?

Supplier of hazardous chemicals is obliged to hire a part-time or an advisor for chemicals with which will be consulted on the proper application of regulations in the field of chemicals and biocidal products.

The supplier is a legal person or entrepreneur who is a manufacturer, importer, distributor or downstream user, who places chemicals on the market.

Entrust services chemical adviser is needed for:

  • Monitoring regulations and informing the clients on regulatory changes relating to the care and regular information on legal obligations and possible changes in the handling of chemicals and biocides
  • Control of all prescribed and agreed activities in accordance with the Law on chemicals and biocides
  • Making dossiers on chemicals, control and correction needed in supporting documentation
  • Assisting in the enrollment and application of chemicals to register chemicals, inclusion into the temporary list
  • Keeping proper records, preparation and coordination of all safety Data sheets in accordance with the Law on chemicals, translate them and establishing the obligation to submit the list of clients
  • Preparing content label for all hazardous chemicals and biocidal products in accordance with the Law on chemicals and Law on biocides, and control and correction of existing labels
  • Keeping proper records and keeping records on the client
  • Complete control of existing documentation, necessary for the importation, storage and trade of chemicals and biocides in accordance with the Law on chemicals and Law on biocidal products
  • Control of prescribed storage of chemicals and biocides
  • Security expert assistance in obtaining the necessary permits for the import of chemicals and the implementation of statutory procedures
  • Consultations according to client needs and client representation in front of the inspection competent for chemicals and biocides
  • Cooperation and communication with the relevant Ministry
  • Communication with persons who are responsible for treatment with chemicals and biocides as well as vocational training staff at the client for secure chemicals and biocides
  • Application of Law relating to the classification, packaging, labeling and advertising of chemicals
  • Application restrictions and prohibitions relating to chemicals that pose an unacceptable risk to human health and the environment

When does not have to provide the Advisor for chemicals?

Advisor chemicals are not required to provide:

  • Legal person or entrepreneurs who exclusively placed on the market of raw materials for plant protection products, drugs and medical devices that are used in human and veterinary medicine, cosmetics, food, food additives and flavorings and food for animals and additives for the food,
  • Suppliers who are placed in the market of dangerous chemicals in a total amount of less than 100 kg per year;
  • Distributors of hazardous chemicals that are exclusively for retailers.

What if I have NOT engaged chemical substances Advisor?

The Law on chemicals stipulates in article 97, section 14, penal provision relating to non-compliance with the Act, in terms of failure to ensure Advisor for chemicals. Thus, it is provided that a fine from 1.500.000 to 3.000.000 dinars penalties for economic offense a legal entity, if it fails to provide the Advisor for chemicals and if the advisor does not have a proper professional training and passed the exam.